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Rishabh Phenolics (P) Limited is manufacturing various types of Phenolic Resins and Phenolic Moulding materials with a wide range of properties to cater the various industrial needs.

Phenolic Resins

Phenolic Resins find a wide range of applications in industry. The thermoset properties characterising Phenolic resins include High Heat Resistance, Chemical Resistance, Good di-electric properties, Surface Hardness, Dimensional and Thermal Stability, Relatively Low Cost and easy moulding capacity. A wide variety of Phenolic Resins and Moulding Compounds can be formulated to meet requirements of electrical, electronic, automotive appliances and other consumer and Industrial Applications.

Phenolic Resins are available in granular, powdered or liquid forms for Bonding and Laminating Varnishes used in Laminates and Overlays, Foundry sands to make shell moulds and cores, Water proof Plywood, Adhesives for the manufacture of Particle Board, Chip Board and Fibre Board, Insulation Foams, Bonding Abrasives, Grains in Grinding Wheels and the manufacture of Brake Linings, Blocks and Clutch Faces, Phenolic Resins of both Resol and Novolac types are also combined with other ingredients to make the Phenolic Moulding Compounds.

Moulding Powders

Rishabh Phenolics (P) Limited is in a position to offer these moulding materials to Indian Standards Obsolete I-1300-1994, apart from the other International Standards. These Powders are offered for Compression, Transfer and Injection Moulding, which have been the common means for forming thermoset moulded parts. These are normally available in Black colour. But other colours like Brown and Natural are also available for selected grades, which can be supplied against requirement of the customers.

Other Facilities

Rishabh Phenolics (P) Limited is being backed by a highly experienced technical team in the relevant field and utmost care is taken at every stage of process, for maintaining consistent quality of the product. SSR has got the testing facilities for all the vital parameters as per IS 867-1963, apart from online quality control and every batch will be tested rigorously in our well-equipped laboratory. The crew is involved in constant innovative research, to improve the product quality and develop new grades. The combination of research, production, testing and the backing of our technical sales force can assure our valued customers, that they can rely on SSR to provide the best Moulding materials and Phenolic Resins for their manufacturing needs.