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Butyl Rubber Curative - SUPRA - NG 3001

Technical Memorandum



Typical Properties


SUPRA-NG 3001 is a heat reactive modified phenolic resin based on alkyl phenol. This has been designed specially for curing of butyl rubber. This has excellent compatibility with natural, nitrile and neoprene rubber because of its alkyl substitution.


SUPRA-NG 3001 lowers the money viscosity of butyl bladder compounds, thereby improving the processability. This grade also extends scorch time enabling longer working time with the compound. Incorporation of this resin in butyl bladder compounds improves the mechanical properties such as tensile and tear strength, hardness, modulus and elongation at break. More important, the mechanical properties of the butyl compounds are retained after heat ageing under the conditions of moulding of automobile tyres. Because of retention of mechanical properties, service life of the butyl bladders is considerably extended.

This resin can also be compounded with natural, nitrile and neoprene rubbers in formulations of pressure sensitive adhesives to improve the tack and electrical properties of the adhesive. This also prevents the migration of plasticiser from the PVC base film to the adhesive layer, thus acting as an anchor between the base film and the adhesive layer.

TopTypical Properties


Clear pale yellow lumps

Softening point (oC)


Methylol content (%)


Solubility in Toluene


5 to 10 phr of this resin is recommended for use in the butyl compound. In pressure sensitive adhesive formulations, 15 to 20 phr of resin is recommended. However, the optimum proportion of the resin in the rubber compounds will depend on the compounding formula and will have to be arrived at by trial and error.

Note: Whilst the above information is based on the result of experimental work in our laboratories and is correct to the best of our knowledge, users are recommended to establish for themselves so that the process and materials are satisfactory for their requirements. Freedom from patent rights must not be assumed. No liability is accepted by us for any damage, injury or loss resulting from the use of this information.