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Rubber Tackifier Resin - SUPRA - NG 4001

Technical Memorandum


Typical Properties


SUPRA-NG 4001 is a thermoplastic alkylphenolic tackifier resin. It is oil soluble, compatible with various synthetic rubbers, and is ideally suited for use in splice and under-tread cements for tire construction.

Tackifier Resin is supplied in solid lump form. There is little dust and for this reason it is readily dissolved in solvent, easily blended into rubber stock, and will not contaminate work areas or equipment.

TopTypical Properties


Reddish Brown colour lumps

Softening Point (°C)


Acid Number (mgKOH/gm)




Specific Gravity


Methylol Content (%)


Tackifier Resin can be used either as a stock addictive to impart tack, or as a component of an under-tread or splice cement. In the former application it is used at 3-8 phr level, and in the latter, at 5-20 phr level.

Tackifier Resin is used wherever tenacious bonds are necessary, especially with synthetic rubbers, which do not possess the inherent tack necessary for plied-up constructions. In tire building, for example, plies, tread stock, and sidewalls must hold fast to the green tire until it is vulcanised or cured into an integral unit.

Note: Whilst the above information is based on the result of experimental work in our laboratories and is correct to the best of our knowledge, users are recommended to establish for themselves so that the process and materials are satisfactory for their requirements. Freedom from patent rights must not be assumed. No liability is accepted by us for any damage, injury or loss resulting from the use of this information.